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My knife photos

Wenger folding pliers at RangerGrip74 Benchmade Nitrous Striker tanto D2 wood saw at linerlock GAK Victorinox 111 mm SAK: Parachutist full flat grinded folder Tabargan-100 black EDC set Becnhmade LFK 10100 screwdriver in the bottlescrew ideal forms

EDC set in black color

This one specially collected in black style, but I not to use it every day. Indeed, I carry more positive looking things.

black EDC set

black EDC set

This set contains: (more...)

Russian bushcraft knife

Instead of classical scandinavian knife for woodcrafting, contemporary bushcraft knives usually has thick blade up to 4 mm and hollow grind. This one is from Russia. Knife maked by Russian knifemaker Konstantin Sazhin, you can find his posts on Instagram under the nick @sazhinknife.

russian bushcraft knife

russian bushcraft knife

Carbonsteel blade is black-coated. Knife is sold with very good lightbrown leather sheath, but I did no photo of it. (more...)

Victorinox German Army Knife 111 mm

GAK has no Victorinox logo, but eagle on face of olive nylon scale.

Victorinox German Army Knife with old OH blade

Victorinox German Army Knife with old OH blade

Now this blades has other hole, but I prefer (more...)

Victorinox Compact officer size SAK

This is not most thin 91 mm SAK, but has most power in two rows.

Victorinox Compact swiss army knife

Victorinox Compact swiss army knife

Handmade leather lanyard not included. Nylon sheath from (more...)

Victorinox Parachutist three rows old-style rescue swiss knife

This Swiss Army Knife has two-hand opening rescue blade.

Victorinox Parachutist with paracord 550 lanyard

Victorinox Parachutist with paracord 550 lanyard

Not only full serrated, but (more...)

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